The Eye and The Auto 2011

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Philip Hessburg, MD at TEATA 2011

Opening Remarks

Joanne Wood, PhD at TEATA 2011

Characterizing On-Road Driving Performance in Drivers Using Bioptic Telescopes

Brad Dougherty, OD, MS at TEATA 2011

Bioptic Driving in Ohio

Lylas Mogk, MD at TEATA 2011

Protecting Public Safety and Playing Fair With Patients: Protocol for Off-Road Evaluation of Senior Drivers and Prospective Bioptic Drivers

Charles P. Huss, MA at TEATA 2011

West Virginia Bioptic Driving Program: Overview and Progress Update

Richard G. Long, PhD and Bastian J. Schroeder, PhD at TEATA 2011

Access to Uncontrolled Crosswalks by Individuals Who Have Visual Impairments: Roundabouts, Channelized Turn Lanes and Driver-Pedestrian

Robert Wall Emerson, PhD and Dae Kim, PhD at TEATA 2011

Quiet Cars, Blind Pedestrians, and Performance of Orientation and Mobility Tasks

Michael Land, PhD at TEATA 2011

Keynote Lecture: Where We Look When Driving A Car

Leonard Evans, MA, FRS, PhD at TEATA 2011

Topsy-Turvy U.S. Safety Policy Continues to Kill Thousands of Road Users